The Stoyan Kambarev Art Foundation is official partner of an Acting MasterClass,
organised by NOVA film.


The Hollywood Star Gary Stretch and Dessy Tenekedjieva

Mariana Stanisheva – One of the Leading Casting Directors in Europe

Role in an International Film Production

Let’s meet in person!
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This Acting МasterСlass will combine Gary Stretch and Dessy Tenekedjieva’s unique experiences and methods to create a comprehensive, fresh and exciting new way of approaching film, ТV and theatrical material. We strongly believe that although there are basic fundamentals to the work, each individual student must be coached on a one to one basis to develop their own individual growth.
Gary Stretch will share his wealth of experience based on the teachings of Janet Alhanti's system. The pair met in Los Angeles at the very beginning of Gary's career. They became close friends and Gary studied with her for over twenty-five years.
Janet Alhanti was one оf the most prolific acting teachers in cinema history. A New York based former actress who studied with Sanford Meisner, Janet soon realized her journey in life was to become a teacher. After many years with Meisner she decided to go her own way and slightly modify her way of teaching. Janet Alhanti taught Hollywoods elite A list including actors such as Sidney Poitier, Marlon Brando, Benicio Del Torro, Josh Brolin, Salma Hayek, Sean Penn, Natasha Hendstridge and many more.


Three weekends in a row during NOVEMBER 2024:

  1. 11th & 12th
  2. 18th & 19th
  3. 25th & 26th

From 10am. till 6am. with one-hour lunch break.


Online and National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts

Sofia, 108A "Georgi S. Rakovski" street


  1. You can submit your application online at - the official website of "Stoyan Kambarev" Art Foundation - partner of the organizer of the MasterClass - NOVA film.
  2. It is mandatory for the candidate to be fluent in English, at least speakable, due to the fact that the Masterclass will be held in English.
  3. The total number of approved candidates is 20 people. They will be selected by Gary Stretch and Dessy Tenekejieva.
  4. No application fee is required.
  5. The participation fee is BGN 600, for the entire duration of the MasterClass, paid after the participant has been selected and the invoice has been issued by NOVA Film.
  6. Stoyan Kambarev" Art Foundation will cover the participation fee of two of the selected participants, who stated in the application form, at the end of their CV, that they would like to apply for financial sponsorship.
  7. Four actors, part of "Stoyan Kambarev" Art Academy, will be invited to participate in the MasterClass. The Foundation will also cover their participation fee.
  8. All participants will receive a Certificate for completed Acting Masterclass, in partnership with NATFA.
  9. One participant from all in the MasterClass will be invited to participate as an actor in a film project (one of the future international film productions of Black Sea Film or NOVA Film).
  10. Everyone participates in the MasterClass under equal conditions, and each one of them has a great chance to be noticed and to take part in one of the future international productions of Black Sea Film or NOVA Film, as well as to personally meet the leading casting director Mariana Stanisheva - a guest lecturer of the MasterClass.
  11. During the lectures, the participants must be ready for work. Consuming alcohol or other intoxicants is strongly forbidden.
  12. Each participant should coordinate with the Project Manager Eleni Dekidis any possible absence from the work process.
  13. There will be cameras that will film the process during the MasterClass. By accepting these terms and conditions, the applicant agrees that they could be filmed as part of future promotional video materials (TV report, short film or promotional videos for social networks and other media).
  14. Applications that do not comply with these rules may be disqualified without prior notice.
  15. The MasterClass takes place thanks to the official support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria and Sofia Municipality.
  16. Official partners of the MasterClass are National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts "Krastyo Sarafov" and "Stoyan Kambarev" Art Foundation.


We invite everyone over the age of 18, people who are professionally engaged in film, filmmaking, theater or any of the performing arts.
We also welcome absolute raw novice participants as we are very excited to discover and develop new talent from other professions. We welcome everyone who has a passion for growth and for life!


  1. Log in to - the official website of the “Stoyan Kambarev” Art Foundation - partner of the organizer NOVA Film and click on MasterClass from the main page of the site.
  2. Fill out the application form.
  3. You are required to submit a short CV in English of up to 200 words.
  4. Link to a video (on YouTube or Vimeo - may not be public) containing a short introduction and motivation for participation that should be in English. The video can be recorded with a phone and be around 60 seconds long.
  5. Link to a showreel or audiovisual project in which you participated as an actor, director, stage artist. This is considered a plus, but it is not a prerequisite.
  6. By declaring his participation, by filling out the application form, the candidate agrees with the present rules and conditions for participation, as well as that the “Stoyan Kambarev” Art Foundation and NOVA Film will process his personal data.


The candidates will be selected by the acting coaches of the MasterClass - Gary Stretch and Dessy Tenekedjieva.
We are looking for participants with high motivation, desire and passion for their development in the acting process. Applications will be evaluated on an individual basis. The ability to gain attention with the video presentation of 60 seconds may aid in the final decision in the selection of participants. We will also consider the applicant's qualities shown in thier previous film work or projects selected but this is not a requirement.

All applicants will be informed on or before November 1st, regarding their participation.


Actor, Director, Producer

During the early nineties, Gary Stretch was the glamour-boy of British boxing He was the British & WBC international welterweight Champion. Due to his massive popularity the cross over to entertainment began. He did campaigns for high-end brands including Calving Klein, Hugo Boss, Levi and Versace. Gary turned to the art of acting and in 2004, his hard work finally paid off when he was cast as psychotic gangster Sonny in Shane Meadows highly acclaimed Dead Man's Shoes. Stretch received a BIFA nomination alongside another British talent, Paddy Considine and Toby Kebell. This picture finally earned Gary the recognition he deserved. He went on to co star opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie In Oliver Stones' Alexander. Stretch Produced & Directed Through My Father's Eyes The Ronda Rowsey Story (LionsGate) Earning best film. Other films include Savages opposite Benicio Del Toro & Salma Hayek). Gary's latest film which he executive produced is the upcoming drama-thriller The Wheels of Heaven, directed by Ben Charles Edwards, produced and starring by Dessy Tenekedjieva, where Gary stars opposite Mickey Rourke and Geoff Bell.

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Actress, Producer, Director

Dessy was only 14 years old when she made her film debut. Since then she has more than 35 movies, including major international productions.
Since 2000 Dessy's production companys NOVA Film and later Black Sea Film have produced over 200 art projects for the international market including feature films, documentaries, shorts, TV shows, commercials, music videos & albums. Dessy's multi- awarded movies were represented at the most critical world cinema forums and festivals. As Maria Medici in Il Mеstiere Delle Armi, directed by Ermanno Olmi, she is the only Bulgarian actress representing Bulgaria at the Cannes Film Festival, with a lead role in a movie from the Official competition / Golden Palm. One of Dessy's high acclaimed films was Saving my Pig where she starred opposite Gerard Depardieu. Dessy has just finished her latest project as producer The Wheels Of Heaven, directed by Ben Charles Edwards, where she's starring along side Gary Stretch, Mickey Rourke and Geoff Bell. This is an exciting project for Dessy and Gary (Exec Producer) as they gave the two lead roles in the film to young and upcoming Bulgarian actors Eleonora Ivanova and Dimitar Nikolov.
Dessy Tenekedjieva is the Founder and Chairman of the Stoyan Kambarev Art Foundation in 2008. She established THE 355 FILM AWARD in 2019 to support young filmmakers, has produced numerous short movies and has been committed in discovering and developing a young Bulgarian talent.
Dessy was the official spokesperson of Jean- Paul Gaultier and Suzuki. She is currentlty based in London & Los Angeles.

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One of the most successful European casting directors, Mariana works mainly with Boyana Film Studios, BUFO and other international production companies that come to Bulgaria.
She has done the casting for major Hollywood, Italian and other international film productions such as: Expendables, Conan the Barbarian, Memory, Code Angel, Black Dalia, September of Shiraz, Disney's Princess and Young Woman of the Sea.
Your presence in the Masterclass is an opportunity to meet Mariana Stanisheva - one of the leading European casting directors.
Mariana will introduce you to the essence of casting, how to prepare and how to behave during a casting and how to do a selftape yourself.


Eleni Dikidis

Project Manager

+359 88 804 1421

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